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Welcome to our art intermediary website, your premier destination for exploring the London art scene. I assist with art viewing, London art tours, and buying art. With love and art industry experience, I provide a personalised plan for a seamless and enriching art journey. Whether you visit the vibrant London art scene through private art tours or acquire art, expect exceptional services from me. Let me be your trusted partner in navigating the art world and finding extraordinary artworks that resonate with you.


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Art Sourcing

We start with understanding your interests or the current status of your art collection. Following by a personalised art plan for appreciation or growth. You will gain personalised recommendations and valuable insights into current art market trends and sales, extending beyond the London art scene. As well as seamless delivery of your purchased artwork.

As an independent art intermediary, I source locally, nationally and globally from the best established, recognised, and emerging contemporary art and craft industry artists. Trained in the arts and crafts industry, I am skilled at finding emerging and talented artists working in different mediums. I will match your unique interests with art investment that will grow in value and appreciation for you and future generations. Visit our art-sourcing page to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

But if that feels like too big of a leap, consider booking a private London art tour instead.

London Art Tours

Private London art tours are an opportunity to learn about the current collectable art world. This is for you whether you want to explore, learn, or purchase personal artwork. As an art expert, I personally select art galleries and exhibitions in London to match your interests. During the London art tour, you’ll gain valuable information about spaces and artists, and I’ll gladly address all your questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need support during the art auctions and bidding processes.

The relationship is essential as I prioritise making it all about you and your art experience.

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We do not provide a financial or investment advice. We source and sell art.

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