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As a business, I am passionate about developing our communities and sharing craftsmanship in order to inspire the next generation. I believe that we can use art to inspire positive change and bring meaningful education to the most disadvantaged in our society.

Each year, Vision of Craft aligns to a chosen charity in the mental health space.

Through hosting free events, developing strategic partnerships and giving charitable donations, we aim to inspire disadvantaged children or those struggling with mental health issues to create a life rich by design.
We can open them up to opportunities that they may never have had, allowing craft, art and design to inspire passion and give meaningful experiences where they are needed most.

Our Chosen Charity

Studio Upstairs

“Studio Upstairs” has developed a proven, unique delivery model combining education and therapy in a community setting.

Their studios are places where people are provided with a safe environment to pursue their creative talents, recover and maintain their health under the guidance of qualified art therapists. They have studios in Bristol and North and South London.

  • Support
    • One off Donation to our charity
  • £ 75
  • Give Back
    • 1 hour for you and 1 hour to our charity
  • £ 150
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