Celebrating Exceptional Craftsmanship

Mercedes Vicente Artwork found in The Room Loewe

Celebrating Exceptional Craftsmanship

What is Loewe Foundation?

The LOEWE FOUNDATION Award-Winning Craft Prize is a prestigious global celebration of exceptional craftsmanship. Established in 2016, it honours artists and makers who create aesthetically valuable and extraordinary contemporary craft objects. Hence acknowledging their skill, creativity and innovation. With entries from around the world, it showcases the potential of modern and contemporary craft. I was thrilled to familiarise myself with this significant and exceptional craftsmanship of 2023 before I shared it with you all. This year, both traditional and modern craftsmanship were in the limelight.

And The Winner is…

With the standout artwork, the winner is Eriko Inazaki. She secured the top spot with her remarkable ceramic sculpture, ‘Metanoia’, a testament to her excellence in craft.

‘Metanoia’, an award-winning artwork, embodies Inazaki’s immense talent but also brings an innovative approach to ceramics. The impressive piece is a composition of tiny forms. They are meticulously fused onto a crystallised surface. The design’s outcome is a unique blend of subtlety and detail with visually captivating artwork. It introduces a unique and fresh style to ceramic ornamentation. The art object has a strong presence in the exhibition space. It leaves viewers in awe, proving why it deserves its award-winning craft status. It is, without a doubt, the show’s standout piece and a perfect investment.

Two Special Mentions Are

I’m also delighted to mention the outstanding craftsmanship of two artists who received special admiration. Moe Watanabe’s walnut bark box, ‘Transfer Surface’. The artwork beautifully ties together the cyclical rhythm of the seasons. The result was achieved by applying modern craft techniques to traditional Japanese Ikebana vase making. Watanabe’s raw approach to the bark material, complemented with rivets that echo modern architecture and conventional mending techniques, strikes a perfect balance between the old and the modern.

Dominique Zinkpè’s ‘The Watchers’ is equally exceptional, an imposing wood wall sculpture. Zinkpè’s creative assembly of Ibéji figurines is reminiscent of Yoruba beliefs around multiple births. A remarkable reinterpretation of tradition through a modern approach to the craft. Because his artwork broadened the scope of contemporary craft, the jury highly praised it.

Both artworks and all other entries can be found in The Room.

Are You Planning To Invest In Contemporary Craft?

What an exciting year for the contemporary craft sector, applied art and art investors! These artists have raised the bar, revealing the limitless potential within creative craftsmanship. It’s a joy to see this celebration of remarkable talent and a reminder of the craft sector’s traditions, dynamism and innovation.

Stay tuned and get in touch for more insights and updates from the craft world!

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