JAKE: Wood Evans

JAKE: Wood Evans

Attention art historians: This message focuses on art from the eighteenth century. Jake Wood-Evans draws inspiration from esteemed British artists like John Constable and George Stubbs, using their works as a foundation for his original creations.

Although the images may appear traditional, Jake Wood-Evans skilfully draws on these historical works to put his original stamp on the familiar, resulting in a traditional painting on the surface.

But it’s also an illusion: the soul of the original painting may still be there, but it’s been reworked in a way that means the viewer has to search for its new, obscured meaning. So stop, pause and think: that’s the best way to consume Wood-Evans’ exceptional works of art. By exploring the British masters’ legacy, Jake Wood-Evans creates outstanding works of art that require viewers to look for obscured meanings. His unique take on traditional images and the soul of the original painting make his works exceptional for art historians.

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