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Anna Judy Dias Fine Art

Anna Judy Dias is a highly experienced realism fine artist with a 20-year track record of successful exhibitions and collectors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and India. Her natural talent for painting was evident from a young age, and she draws inspiration from books like “Art Chronika” and the beauty of her surroundings in Mumbai, which sits by the sea. Anna’s work captures the constantly changing landscape and marine environments, demonstrating her intense observation and accuracy in the style of Russian marine artist Ivan Aivazovsky. While she draws from realism and nature in her art, Anna also incorporates her childhood imagination and dreams into many of her highly detailed and realistic pieces.

Girl on the bridge

Art news

A Journey from Majestic to Victory | Oil on Canvas | Original 2022 | 38cm x 56cm | £2500 | Shipped Globally

Bird on the cap

Passepartout Home

Sparrow on the Cup | Oil on Canvas 2022 | 45cm x 60cm | £2600 | Shipped Globally

Breaking of Bread

Breaking of Bread | Oil on Canvas 2022 | 45cm x 60cm | £2600 | Shipped Globally

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